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Dumbo Gets Mad emerged in the summer of 2010 in Northern Italy and has now migrated to Los Angeles. His initial aim was to lay down some marvelous music in an organic manner, open to whatever direction the tunes took during the recording session. The first published track was Plumy Tale, which received positive reviews from a number of music blogs. Dumbo then decided to work on a debut album with an express goal and spirit in mind: “No matter what it sounded like, it had to be psychedelic!”

The result, Elephants at the Door, drops today. The album was recorded sans fancy technology, using old-fashioned equipment like analog synthesizers and tape machines—and lots of good vibes.

Eclectic prawn, galactic prawn,
eclectic prawn, galactic prawn.
This is the story of eclectic prawn,
he wears a little pretty crown
dancing through the bubbles
he is now standing on the bottom of the sea.
He knows his look thanks to the eyeballs
of the fishes swimming nearby his throne,
he may be fooled by those reflections
as it happens even up in the shore.
Eclectic prawn, galactic prawn.

He’s regarded like a king
of the sea he never talked to me,
i still think he is a gentleman i
don’t wanna bother him until i might

And now it’s time to visit his castle,
i hope i’ll know who i am,
i’m sure i’ll find good vibes,
hot salty sparkling water

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